Lyrics Page 3

There's Something In My God Module

And as I broke the surface of that river's water

I swear I saw the face of God smilin' down on me

With one dunk from the preacher's hand

My sins absolved, soul purified, I'm ready for the promise land

Right about that time, people this I testify

I seen the light shinin' so bright liftin' me to the sky

I opened up my arms and gazed into the light

In a moment of clarity I realized something wasn't right

All the sudden I'm surrounded by darkness

I could feel something baring into my head

Realized I was lyin' in a prone position

In the middle of a cold steel surgical bed

I saw the dark eyes and the 4 fingered hands

The surgical instruments they held

With a loud bang and a bright flash of light

Numbness was all I felt

Is that you God (I know it's you God)

Are you smiling or are you laughing at me

What did you put into my head

Am I alive and dreaming, or will I wake up dead

When I came to I was lying on the ground

In the middle of a Kansas cornfield

I couldn't figure out how the hell I got there

Or the meaning of the whole ordeal

When I opened my eyes the enlightenment hit me

Aliens and angels are one and the same

And God's my pilot come to take me away

On a phantom heaven cargo plane