I Found Happiness In a Doomesday Cult

I was watching CNN a couple of years ago
They were covering some breaking footage of a stand off going on Waco
ATF threw in B.B.Q. for David Koresh and Janet Reno
When the camera panned around the compound
I seen this girl I used to know
She was looking so good to me running around the compound with a submachine gun
So I hitched a ride to Mt.Carmel hoping I could join in on the fun
When the compound burned to the ground, we found a secret tunnel and made our escape
We headed west to sunny California for a matching pair of Nikes and hooked up with heaven's gate
Trying to find some peace of mind always seemed difficult
But I found happiness in a doomesday cult
My Kool Aid isn't working.
Dead bodies in debris
Hale-Bop's left the horizon
The mothership ain't coming back for me
I was watching CNN a couple of months ago
Clone Aid held a press conference
That turned into a real freak show
The camera panned around the studio
I seen this girl that I used to know
I caught a flight to Paris that night
To join the Raelian movement
and get a clone of my own